Academic Regulations & Procedures

Grading System

Carleton’s computation of Grade Point Average includes pluses and minuses, using the following numerical values:

Grade / Point Value

A / 4.00
A- / 3.67
B+ / 3.33
B / 3.00
B- / 2.67
C+ / 2.33
C / 2.00
C- / 1.67
D+ / 1.33
D / 1.00
D- / .67
F / .00
S / C- through A
Cr / D- through D+
NC / No Credit/Fail
* / Student opted ungraded
L / Laboratory completed
CNT / Continuing course
CI/ Continuing Integrative
EXT / EX1 / EX3 / Extension granted
DRP / Dropped without penalty after one week drop/add period

Neither S/Cr nor NC grades are figured into the GPA.

“D” level work will not be sufficient to satisfy course requirements in the major department or in a minor or in required courses for the major offered by another department. Required courses in the major or minor cannot be taken on a S/Cr/NC basis (see Major Field Requirements and Minors for more detail). Courses taken to fulfill specific Liberal Arts requirements must be passed with a grade of S or C- or better.

An “X grade” on an unofficial transcript signifies that no grade was received. In the absence of any clarification, such a “grade” becomes an “F” or “NC.”

If you have questions about grades, contact the Registrar’s Office.

See also grade point average.

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