Academic Regulations & Procedures

Double Major

Students wishing to declare a double major must obtain the approval of the chairs of the two departments concerned and petition the Academic Standing Committee (ASC), showing the plan for the two majors. Students must show they can graduate within 12 terms and normally a 3.0 cumulative grade point average is required; the ASC will not award extra terms for a student to complete two majors, nor will the ASC allow students to finish a second major out of residence. There cannot be more than a four course overlap between the two majors. To graduate, a student must fulfill the requirements of both majors. Students wishing to drop one of their two majors must do so by petitioning the ASC. Courses associated with the senior integrative exercise (comps) cannot be dropped after the drop/add deadline, so students wishing to drop one of their two majors must plan accordingly. Students are not allowed to complete a double major after leaving Carleton. Triple majors will not be entertained.

See also declaration of major, petitions and senior integrative exercise.

Last Revised: July 21, 2016

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