Academic Regulations & Procedures

Student Academic Fees and Miscellaneous Charges


Ensure all academic fees of the college are reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees.


Student fees associated with Carleton academic programs (i.e. tuition, room, board, music fees, off-campus study fees, classroom materials, supplies, lending library access, etc.) MUST be approved by institutional governance prior to implementation. Approved fees will be included in the budget prepared for and authorized by the Budget Committee, College Council and Board of Trustees.

Academic fees are disclosed in the college catalog.

All student fees and fines should be communicated to the Carleton Business Office by the originating department on a per term basis in order to ensure they are billed to the student account on a timely basis. The Business Office will support the billing and collection process. 

From time to time departments may purchase goods or services for the convenience of participating students for which participating students will reimburse the college (i.e. dry-cleaning services; airline tickets; athletic equipment or athletic apparel), departments should contact the Business Office for assistance with the billing and collection process for these reimbursable expenses.

This policy does not apply to ticket sale events, Intramural, Club Sport, or CSA programs or other situations in which students are soliciting participation fees directly from their peers. 

Last Revised: November 20, 2020

For: Students, Staff, Faculty

Last Reviewed: November 20, 2020

Maintained by: Business Office