Academic Regulations & Procedures

Dean's List

Dean’s List is compiled each summer and is drawn from the top 10 percent of the previous year’s first-year, sophomore and junior classes. Eligibility for Dean’s List assumes three terms of academic work, the bulk of which is done at Carleton. Students on non-Carleton off-campus programs for one term are eligible for Dean’s List if their off-campus grades are comparable to those they maintained at Carleton. Students off campus for two or more terms on a non-Carleton program are not eligible in that year. Students on leave for a term are not eligible in that year.

Grades for students on spring term non-Carleton off campus programs may not be available at the time Dean’s List is compiled (and the Opening Convocation program is sent to the printer). Similarly, final grades for spring extensions (see “EXT“) may not yet have been received. When the outstanding grades are received in the Registrar’s Office, it will be determined whether or not the student’s work merits Dean’s List. Where it does, the Dean’s List honor will be posted on the student’s transcript.

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Last Reviewed: September 9, 2021

Maintained by: Office of the Provost