Academic Regulations & Procedures


Former students, wishing to apply for readmission, do not need to reapply formally through the Admissions Office. They should write to the Office of the Dean of Students, giving some indication of what they have been doing while away from campus and the date they wish to return. Students who were subject to academic review when they left petition the Academic Standing Committee (ASC), and if readmitted are usually placed on academic review for the first term after they return. Students are typically held to graduation requirements in place at the time of return.  Once determined to be readmissible, students are placed on a space-if-available list until such time as the College’s limited enrollment will permit their return. Financial aid will be reinstated or awarded to eligible students upon re-enrollment.

For: Faculty, Students

Last Reviewed: September 9, 2021

Maintained by: Office of the Provost