Academic Regulations & Procedures

Academic Load

All matriculated students are considered full-time students and must, by definition, register for and carry a minimum of 12 credits in each academic term, whether enrolled in Northfield or on an approved off-campus study program. Such students are eligible for financial aid under applicable regulations. Students will not be permitted to drop below 12 credits at any time; therefore it is wise to register for at least 18 credits, allowing for the need to drop a six credit course.

The College enrolls no part-time degree students but does permit the enrollment of “Special Students” on a course-by-course basis. Such students are non-degree candidates and are not eligible for financial aid.

No student may carry more than 22 credits in any term without the permission of the Academic Standing Committee (ASC). The ASC will consider petitions from students for up to 24 credits per term; normally a 3.0 cumulative grade point average is required. To earn the 210 credits required for graduation, students must average 17 or 18 credits per term in each of the 12 terms allotted them.

Off-campus study participants are not eligible for an overload. Petitions from first-year students will not be considered by the ASC, except in cases involving participation in applied music courses and theatrical groups.

See also credit maximum and minimum, petitions, senior integrative exercise, and special students.

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Last Reviewed: September 9, 2021

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