Academic Regulations & Procedures

Prerequisites for Courses

Some courses require that a student attain a particular level of experience or have a specific academic background in order to be successful in that course. The following terms and definitions will assist both faculty and students in stating and understanding these expectations. Students are urged to consider their preparation before registering for classes with prerequisites.

A prerequisite is a requirement that the student must fulfill prior to beginning the course for which it is a prerequisite. (Unless otherwise indicated, concurrent enrollment in the prerequisite course is not sufficient.) Only in exceptional cases will prerequisites be waived by the instructor or the department. A student must earn a C-, S, S* or better to be eligible for the next course.

A recommended course is one that students are strongly urged to have completed prior to beginning another course. Recommended courses are not required and the decision to take a course without having taken the recommended course lies with the student.

A co-requisite (concurrent) course is one for which students are required to register at the same time as another course.

Permission of the instructor signals that the prerequisites are too complex to be stated briefly in the Academic Catalog or registration schedule. This is appended to a course description whenever an instructor and the department foresee the need for the instructor to judge whether the student is eligible for enrollment. Students should consult with the instructor before enrolling in the course.

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Last Reviewed: April 29, 2024

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