Academic Regulations & Procedures


A petition is used for making a request for an exception to an academic policy to the Academic Standing Committee (ASC). In petitioning the ASC, care should be taken to provide all relevant information in unambiguous detail so that the committee will be fully informed. Should a student submit a petition for an exception to college policy, it does not necessarily follow that it will be approved.

While not intending to limit students’ access to the petition process, the ASC wishes to inform students that because of its concern that academic policies be administered equitably, it is unlikely that petitions will be granted for exception to regulations concerning late S/Cr/NC change and underloads.

A student intending to submit a petition should read all applicable sections of this document and the supplementary material provided with the petition forms before attempting to write a petition.

Forms for petitioning the ASC for matters relating to registration changes and deadlines are available on the ASC website. The petition process for acceleration of graduation/waiver of senior residency is described under Graduation Requirements.

Forms are available from the Office of the Dean of Students for the following:

  • Leave of Absence
  • Withdrawal
  • Withdrawal/Term Amnesty

See also graduation requirements and off-campus study for other forms.

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