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As Carleton’s primary office to assist faculty and staff with identifying and securing external funding for their scholarship and research, the Grants Office offers periodic newsletters to provide information on various aspects of grant-getting.

Issue 11, Fall 2021. Focus: Internal 48-hour deadline, faculty grant-writing support, and key changes for federal funders

Issue 10, June 2021. Focus: Office move, RCR training, upcoming grant opportunities

Issue 9, March 2021. Focus: Pandemic funding, upcoming grant and workshop opportunities

Issue 8, January 2021. Focus: COVID funding, and opportunity to give input on guidelines

Issue 7, October 2020. Focus: Current issues of pandemic and social justice, and foreign influence in research

Issue 6, May 2020. Focus: Grants Office staff, COVID-19-related funding opportunities and information

Issue 5, February 2020. Focus: Changes: in the Grants Office and Federal Grant-Getting

Issue 4, October 2019. Focus: Spotlight on STEM, Changes

Issue 3, July 2019. Focus: Funding patterns, Compliance

Issue 2, April 2019. Focus: Humanities Grant-Getting Helps

Issue 1, January 2019. Focus: Federal Grant-Getting Helps