Turnage-Butterbaugh receives NSF award for mathematics research and undergrad-grad student mentoring

21 June 2019

Caroline Turnage-Butterbaugh, Caroline Turnage-ButterbaughAssistant Professor of Mathematics, has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant (#1902193) for her project “Class groups of number field and zeros of L-functions.” Prof. Turnage-Butterbaugh’s research will pursue problems in the intersection of analytic and algebraic number theory, developing new methods for studying the vertical distribution of zeros of L-functions and obtaining new results concerning the class groups of number fields and Landau-Siegel zeros. Her project will bring to Carleton graduate associates who are interested in better understanding the teaching and research culture at a liberal arts college and in interacting with talented undergraduates, and who will work with Prof. Turnage-Butterbaugh on problems related to the project. Carleton students in turn will benefit from attending colloquium talks by the graduate associates and from learning about graduate school culture at research universities.