Michael McNally Receives Grant from Mellon Foundation

28 March 2006

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded Michael McNally (Religion) a substantial “New Directions” fellowship to pursue a multi-year project on the legal and religious dimensions of Native American traditions. A specialist in American and Native American religion, Prof. McNally wants to better understand how U.S. state and federal laws affect aspects of Native American religion such as ceremonial rites, sacred objects, and holy places. McNally plans to take several courses at the University of Minnesota law school and work closely with a number of legal and religious experts around the country, then turn his attention to a major book on the subject. Prof. McNally’s work has numerous implications, touching on his own scholarship, his teaching at Carleton, and on the political issues relating to Native American rights. Prof. McNally already has considerable experience studying and working with members of Minnesota’s Anishinaabe Ojibwe community.

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