Knodell awarded archaeological grant to study uninhabited Cyclades islands

4 February 2019

Alex Knodell, Alex KnodellAssistant Professor of Classics and Co-Director of Archaeology, has been awarded a 2019 New Research Grant from the Institute for Aegean Prehistory (INSTAP) for the Small Cycladic Islands Project (SCIP). The INSTAP grant will advance a multidisciplinary archaeological project focused on several small, uninhabited islands in the Cyclades, an archipelago in the Aegean Sea. Such places have played many roles at various points in history – for example as cemeteries, stepping stones, sanctuaries, refuges, and “goat islands.” SCIP will investigate the archaeological and environmental history of these islands from prehistory to the present, focused especially on questions of maritime connectivity, island communities, and an archaeology of uninhabited spaces and in-between places.