Julie Neiworth Receives Grant from NIH for Project on Autism

24 February 2006

Julie Neiworth (Psychology) received a $207,059 award from the National Institutes of Health for a study of perception in autistic individuals. The grant, beginning March 1, 2006, and continuing for 3 years, will support student collaborators to conduct research with Prof. Neiworth on the perceptual processing of tamarin monkeys and the perceptual deficits experienced in autism. Tamarins appear to be a good model of the perceptual problems experienced by autistic individuals. Further exploration of this topic may yield better diagnostic tests for autism, training programs to correct for some deficits, and a deeper understanding of how the brain’s connectivity and temporal binding influences perceptual processing. A total of 7 students are working on this topic in the summer 2006 with Prof. Neiworth.

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