Claire Kelling receives two grants from the NSF

28 August 2023
Claire Kelling

Claire Kelling, Assistant Professor of Statistics, has received two grants from the National Science Foundation. Prof. Kelling’s NSF Conference grant (#2328509) will provide support for participants, including statisticians, community partners, sociologists, and students, attending the Statistical Challenges in the Analysis of Police Use of Force forum. The forum seeks to foster interdisciplinary collaboration that is crucial to the development of innovative, data-driven approaches to address the complex issue of police use of force and will highlight unique approaches and perspectives to improve the quality of evidence used to inform reform efforts. This forum, which will take place at Carleton in November 2023, is part of a series of workshops hosted by the National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS), called “Statistics Serving Society.”

Prof. Kelling’s two-year NSF research grant (#2316857), “Development of Models in Spatial Statistics for Complex Policing and Social Science Applications” will lead to the development of methods to better capture spatial uncertainty and incorporate the complexities of increasingly rich spatial data in the social sciences. Funded by the Launching Early-Career Academic Pathways in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences program (LEAPS-MPS), this project—which includes funding each summer for undergraduate student researchers—will allow Prof. Kelling, other researchers, and community members to better answer research questions relevant to public policy.