Christopher Saladin receives a Cities in Historical Perspective grant

27 November 2023

Christopher Saladin, visiting assistant professor of digital arts and humanities, has received a “Cities in Historical Perspective” grant from the Albert Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest at Villanova University. The Lepage Center supports historical study to create “space for historically informed conversations about how the past shapes the present.”

Prof. Saladin’s project, Digital Roman Carthage: Mapping an Ancient North African Metropolis, will build upon his previous work, which utilized ArcGIS mapping software to catalog, organize, and visualize nearly 200 excavated structures at the site of ancient Carthage. Grant funds will allow Prof. Saladin to travel to present-day Tunisia, where he will photograph artifacts stored in the Carthage National Museum and the Bardo Museum as well as Carthage’s remaining ruins. These photographs will contribute to a gallery of Carthage’s ruins and material finds that will be paired with Prof. Saladin’s maps of the city, ultimately forming an interactive digital exhibit that makes the archaeology of Carthage accessible to a wider audience.