Anita Chikkatur receives AmeriCorps grant to continue youth participatory action research

18 October 2023
Anita Chikkatur portrait

Anita Chikkatur, Professor of Educational Studies, has received a second year of AmeriCorps funding for a collaborative project, “Using YPAR insights to transform school policies and practices.”

This grant will support multiple partners to examine how youth and supportive adults can push for changes in their own schools, districts, and communities by connecting insights from youth participatory action research (YPAR) to professional development for educators, and by having youth representation in decision-making structures. Community partners include Brooklyn Center Community Schools, Faribault Public Schools, Rochester Public Schools, St. Anthony/New Brighton Independent School District, St. Louis Park Public Schools, and YoUthROC/University of Minnesota.

This current project builds on methodology and networks developed since 2018 with a series of previous grants from AmeriCorps that focused on participatory action research in Faribault. The project website can be found here.