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  • Anita ChikkaturOn its website, Minnesota Campus Compact has published a great summary of the results of Anita Chikkatur’s research project on the experiences of under-represented students in STEM classes and majors at Carleton. Campus Compact and Youthprise supported the project with a Participatory Action Research grant; several Carleton departments also contributed support.

    Prof. Chikkatur and a team of students conducted a literature review and extensive interviews with faculty, staff, and students that led to concrete recommendations for making STEM more inclusive at and beyond Carleton. Many of the recommendations relate to improved communication within and across the disciplines and the College; follow the summary link above or “Read more” link below to learn more.

  • In May 2017, Matt WhitedMatt Whited, Associate Professor of Chemistry, completed a successful first year of his CAREER grant from the NSF. Running from June 2016 to May 2021, Prof. Whited’s CAREER grant seeks to develop new approaches to difficult chemical transformations such as selective oxidation of hydrocarbons and reduction of carbon dioxide to chemical feedstocks.

    In Year 1, Prof. Whited advanced the project on several fronts: conducting research, intensively mentoring of undergraduates in his laboratory, and beginning the development of portable course and lab modules for high school chemistry. In addition to laying the groundwork for research over the rest of the grant period, Whited’s work in Year 1 resulted in one published paper and has contributed to the development of a new advanced chemistry course that will incorporate authentic research experiences. Whited also plans to develop an assessment tool that will evaluate students’  experiential learning gains in the lab and classroom. During Year 1, Prof. Whited mentored seven undergraduate research students – four in summer 2016 and three during the 2016-2017 academic year. Four of the students contributed to peer-reviewed science articles. Whited’s students joined others in a “Synthesis Supergroup” formed from several faculty research groups at Carleton and St. Olaf College. Of the cohort, five have now graduated, with two accepting jobs in chemistry labs and two going off to graduate school in chemistry at Caltech and at Wisconsin.

  • Cecilia CornejoCecilia Cornejo, Visiting Assistant Professor of Cinema and Media Studies, was a featured artist at the Rural Arts and Culture Summit that took place June 6 through 8 at the University of Minnesota, Morris. Cecilia participated in the opening plenary, which highlighted the work of cultural producers who are making an impact in the rural Minnesota communities. Her film, “Make No Noise ~ The story of a skatepark,” also was screened at the summit followed by a Q&A session.