Burden-Stelly awarded postdoctoral scholarship to study reactionary politics around race and capitalism

29 May 2020

Charisse Burden-Stelly, Charisse Burden-StellyAssistant Professor of African Studies and Political Science, has been awarded a postdoctoral scholarship for 2020-2021 in the Race and Capitalism Project and the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago. The residential fellowship will support Prof. Burden-Stelly’s research and work on her book, “The Radical Horizon of Black Betrayal: Anticommunism and Racial Capitalism in the United States, 1917-1954.” This work theorizes anticommunism as a set of policies, practices, and discourses employed by the United States government to preserve and consolidate racial capitalism between the Bolshevik Revolution (1917) and the passage of the Communist Control Act (1954) – but also provides a framework for understanding the reactionary politics that shape our current moment. As a postdoctoral fellow, Prof. Burden-Stelly will participate in the scholarly activities centered in the Race and Capitalism Project.

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