Amanda Hund receives NSF award to research parasite transmission

25 October 2022
Amanda Hund

Amanda Hund, Visiting Assistant Research Professor in Biology, has received an National Science Foundation grant (#2243076) for “RUI: Linking Ecology, Behavior, and Immunology to Spatio-Temporal Variation in Helminth Transmission.” Initially written for Grinnell College, Prof. Hund has transferred this award to Carleton. The grant supports research that connects empirical data with mathematical models to understand and predict how behavior, immunology, and ecology within host species shapes parasite transmission. The project focuses on the transmission of a tapeworm parasite across copepods, threespine stickleback fish, and common loons. In addition to improving understanding of the transmission of a complex-life cycle parasite, a modeling toolkit will be built that can be applied to other parasites. Research is also being incorporated into the classroom through a course-based undergraduate research experience, an interdisciplinary undergraduate course focused on the connections between art and science, a high school summer science program, and will be made broadly available through published lesson plans. To share this work, the investigators have developed an art-science collaboration involving indigenous artists and a science journalism student to produce a traveling exhibition focused on this project.