The Grants Office offers two kinds of assistance to grantseekers at Carleton:

Fall through the doors of Laird
Fall through the doors of Laird
  • First, the office provides access to a wide range of online resources which anyone can use to research funding opportunities for individuals, programs, projects, or the institution. The Grants Office also has a large set of printed resources pertaining to foundations, corporate giving, higher-education institutions, and related subjects.
  • Second, and complementing these resources, the office is happy to assist faculty and staff in making personal contacts with program officers at federal agencies, philanthropic foundations, and private corporations. Often, such institutions encourage grant-seekers to contact a program officer in the early stages of proposal preparation. Program officers can be enormously helpful in refining ideas to conform to a funder’s guidelines and expectations.

If you would like to contact a grantor, please first talk with either the Associate Director or the Director of the Grants Office to coordinate your approach. It is important that the Grants Office work with you before you contact a program officer for two key reasons:

  • The college has numerous long-standing relationships with agencies, foundations, and corporations, which can often be valuable in developing further ties.
  • The college may have a pending proposal that could either affect or be affected by another, new proposal.

Beyond identifying resources, the Grants Office can provide assistance with proposal preparation and the administration of grants.