Essential post-award information

An electronic Grants Manual has been prepared by Carleton’s Business Office as a resource for faculty who have received external or federal funding. It provides information to aid the Principal Investigator in conducting proper fiscal management and oversight of the project.

For new awardees – faculty or staff receiving a grant for the first time – orientation in the management of your grant will be provided in a meeting with personnel of the business office and the Grants Office. You will be given an  account number for charges after the meeting.

About reports

After a grant has been awarded, the Grants Office

  • Notifies the Office of the Provost, Susan Benson, Grant and Cash Manager (x5990) in the Business Office, the appropriate academic department, and the principal investigator of award details, including reporting requirements, as applicable.
  • Generates reminders of reports due, via an automated system (in which personnel enters report due dates), which are forwarded to the reporting officer (usually the principal investigator or project director) one to four months prior to the deadline.
  • Works with the reporting officer to draft interim and final reports, or provides whatever other assistance might be necessary to meet a reporting deadline. For almost all institutional proposals, the Grants Office drafts the interim and final reports.
  • Tracks institutional relationships with funders by carefully monitoring grants and working directly with faculty; for instance, the Grants Office likes to be informed about grant activities as this information can be useful in developing future proposals and ensuring the continued good will of Carleton’s benefactors.
  • Maintains e-records of submitted reports (in shared collaborative files and OnBase).

Reporting information for various agencies

If your grant involves a subaward

An outgoing subaward agreement is used when a substantive portion of the programmatic work outlined in a Carleton proposal is conducted at another organization.

To ensure that all subawards issued from the College comply with federal regulations, and to learn of PI responsibilities, refer to this Subrecipient Award and Monitoring Policy and the Business Office’s Subaward Management page.

If you have budget adjustments

Contact the Grants Office (Charlotte Whited x5833, or Quinn Arnold x4046) and the Business Office (Susan Benson x5990) to coordinate rationale and details for budget adjustments, according to information provided in the Business Office’s grant manual section Budget changes in a grant.

As needed, the Grants Office as the Sponsored Research Office will input and submit the notification in NSF’s (or other federal agencies) e-portal.

Additionally, the PI can communicate with their funding agency program officer as needed.

Staying compliant

Refer to Compliance Policies and Practices for an alpha listing of numerous compliance topics.

Follow the links below (click on headings in the blue boxes) for more information on aspects of common post-award compliance issues specific to federal funders:

  • tracking Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research (RECR)
  • implementing a Data Management Plan
  • verifying the absence of research misconduct or conflict of interest
  • sharing your research according to Public Access Policies (NSF, NIH, links to plans of other U.S. Federal Agencies)