Helpful forms or templates for the proposal submission process

Budget template

Use this Google spreadsheet template to create your budget.

Data Management Plans

A set of sample DMPs from successful NSF applications by Carleton faculty are available in this mini-archive.

Certification of RUI/ROA Eligibility

This certification applies to an RUI (Research in Undergraduate Institutions) ask from the NSF (National Science Foundation).

Compliance & Disclosure Form

For internal use, a Compliance and Disclosure form is to be completed for any proposal submitted to a federal agency. Click on this Link to OnBase Form and log in using your Carleton credentials. Carleton’s Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) policy is in the Faculty Handbook.

External Proposal Approval Form

This ESSENTIAL approval step is to be completed with each external proposal submission. Grants office personnel initiate the form via OnBase Workflow. The applicant will get an automated email from with instructions, log in to OnBase, then answer the questions and submit and approve the form.

Subaward vs. Contract Determination

When Carleton acts as a pass-through entity for a federally funded grant, use this checklist to determine and document whether an outside organization is participating in the project as a subrecipient or a contractor.

Vendor Selection Form

Complete this form when your proposal ask is for any federal grant-funded purchases over $10,000 (per single piece of equipment).