The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation offers fellowships in their “United States and Canada” competition. The competition timeline can be found here, and shows the deadline to submit applications is annually in mid September.

If you want to set up an account, sign up for one here; if you’ve created an account already, log in to your account here and create an application for the current year.

As an overview: the application process can be found in Application Resources, Submission Materials, and the Guide to the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Online Application.

To start: create an account, enter the required personal information to finish activating your account, and address the components listed below. On the Home page, you will access your application using the “Application” button near the top left, which after accepting the funder’s conditions, will bring you to a navigation menu as left sidebar, screenshot below.

guggenheim application screen shot

Components of Guggenheim fellowship applications

  • Application Information – enter information about your project: Project Title and Project Field(s).
  • Addresses – provide your contact information: home address or office mailing address, email addresses, telephone numbers, etc.
  • References – provide the names and contact information for four persons who are familiar with your work and can comment on your abilities, especially in relation to your project proposal.
  • Positions – list information about positions you hold or have held in past years: i.e., your employment or job history
  • Languages – share information about your proficiency in other languages.
  • Organizations – share information here about professional organizations, associations, or societies of which you are a member.
  • Education
  • Supporting Documents – required to submit three supplementary statements in PDF format; use only 12-point standard fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia, etc.)
    • Career Narrative: brief narrative account of your career, describing your previous accomplishments; mention prizes, honors, and significant grants or fellowships that you have held or now hold, showing the grantor and the inclusive dates of each award; no page limit but most are three to four pages
    • List of Work: a chronological comprehensive list of your work; publications if you are a scholar, scientist, or writer (if other: list exhibitions if artist, performances if choreographer, compositions if composer, films/videos if film or video maker); scholars — for books, please provide exact titles, names of publishers, and dates and places of publication (you may provide hyperlinks to your listed publications); playwrights should also include a list of productions
    • Statement of Plans: for the period for which the fellowship is requested, provide a detailed, but concise, plan of research, not exceeding three pages in length; write statement of plans in first-person singular (note: it should be clear that the proposed project is indeed an individual initiative, and not a group-authored project)

AFTER the application is received by Guggenheim, you may also receive an email at a later date with further instructions about when to submit examples of your work. They request, “Please do not send examples until you receive these further instructions.