Guiding Principles

As a small, residential college with a long-standing history of close and collegial relations among faculty, administrators, staff and students, Carleton College places a high value on faculty service to the campus and community. The work that faculty do on appointed and elected committees is essential to maintaining Carleton’s well-functioning governance structure, guarding the congenial tone of community life, and overseeing the curriculum. As such, all faculty committee work should function according to the following principles:

  • Committee works should involve meaningful service; thus each committee’s purpose and role(s) should be clearly and honestly expressed on our governance site, and the Faculty Affairs Committee is responsible for ensuring that the role of faculty on each committee is explicitly outlined.
  • Each committee’s work should be visible, and the results of this work should be reported annually on our governance pages, and the reporting lines for each committee should be clear. Faculty chairs are responsible for making the work of their committee visible publicly, but all faculty serving on committees should also be reporting that work in their biennial reports and similar documents.

This statement was created by the 2014–15 Faculty Affairs Committee: Susannah Ottaway (chair), Clara Hardy (faculty president), Arnab Chakladar, Anita Chikkatur, Baird Jarman, and Jennifer Wolff; and presented to the Carleton Faculty for comment at a Faculty meeting in March 2014.