Welcome to Goodsell Observatory’s Knowlege Base

The knowledge base is a small collection of information for use by those participating in astronomy at Carleton.

Most topics in the knowledge base are covered through the use of steps (“six steps on how to setup a telescope” for example). The goal of the knowledge base is to present this information on three different levels.

The first level is the use of lists to give a general overview of the information. This level is intended for those who are knowledgeable in astronomy and accustomed to using the observatory’s equipment, but who need a quick reminder on a certain topic.

The next level is the more detailed descriptions of each step. This level is intended for those who have just started doing astronomy at Carleton (or those who were previously “first level” people but who have not done anything in astronomy for the past year or two) and therefore need more in-depth information.

The third level is pictorial. Where possible, pictures have been added to each step to give further visual information and explanations.

The knowledge base is, however, an ongoing project. Not all of the topics have been fully covered yet, so check back later to see if there’s new information.

We are happily taking any constructive comments that you might have about any part of the knowledge base. If you find mistakes, or feel that something has been left out, or even if you just don’t like the overall feel of these pages, please let us know.

Thanks for visiting!