This page gives a number of links for checking weather and observing conditions, ranging from least to most technical.

  • Weather Channel — A basic overview of conditions and forecasts.
  • Accuweather — A more detailed hourly forecast of weather and cloud cover but still accessible. 
  • Weather Underground — Another relatively accessible hourly forecast site with cloud cover forecasts. 
  • Carleton College Weather Database — Carleton’s on-site weather station that gives very detailed current and historical conditions but no forecast. 
  • Clear Dark Sky — An at-a-glance astronomical conditions forecast with conditions specifically relating to astronomy. Useful but difficult to read. 
  • Clear Outside — Another at-a-glance astronomical conditions forecast with more categories and more technical details.
  • National Weather Service Hourly Forecast — The National Weather Service’s charts for forecasting temperature, wind, cloud cover, and other factors. More technical but very useful.