The following images were taken here at Goodsell Observatory. We have decided that even though all of the Messier objects have NGC numbers, we will not include them here until we have many more NGC objects.


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NGC 6992: The Network Nebula in Cygnus
NGC 6992: The Network Nebula in Cygnus
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NGC 2403 (Caldwell 7)
NGC 2403 (Caldwell 7)
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NGC 7662: The Blue Snowball

This 17 second exposure was taken with an 8″ LX200 using a clear filter. This image was taken for Ada.

NGC 7662 has coordinates 23h 25m.9 +42° 33′.  It is about 4,000 light years away and has a visual magnitude of 9.2.


Nathanael Motz
12 August 1996