Astronomers are hardy souls, bearing cold and late nights to pursue our pictures. But you seldom hear of the other frustration: cloudy nights. The 13 stout-hearted students of Spring 1999’s Astro 113 class here at Carleton College can tell you about clouds, however. We had class eleven nights and four of them were clear.

That didn’t stop the class, however. They learned a great deal about pulsars, galaxies and planets from computer labs. But they agreed: they wanted to work on the telescopes. Finally, the weather cleared. The class leapt at the chance and we dashed outside to our pad complete with concrete piers for mounting telescopes, power and ethernet. Quick studies they students learned to use the telescopes and cameras in almost record time. So despite the clouds and rain and frustration, their perseverance paid off and they present to you, Gentle Reader, their pictures.

John Weiss, Lab Asst.

Amanda Kirchner and Jennifer Rosenbaum

These are some of the pictures that we took while observing for Observational Astronomy. These were taken by Jennifer Rosenbaum and Amanda Kirchner using a 8″ Mead LX-200 telescope with CCD camera. High points of observing: “You get to take really cool pictures!” The down points: “All the mosquitoes and dew!” 

The Ring Nebula in Lyra 


M13 #2 

Another M13



The Ring Nebula in Lyra

Erica Richardson and Erika Pearson

Despite some pretty serious problems, like having the camera fall out of the telescope (ack!), Erica and Erika (and Henry on the third picture) managed to get these pics:

Albireo Astro 113 1999 


Ring Nebula: Astro 113 '99 

Ring Nebula

M51: Whirlpool Galaxy 

M51 – The Whirlpool Galaxy

Gabe Ellwein and John Gingrinch

M57 - Ellwin-Gingrich

M57, The Ring Nebula

Another Ring Nebula - Ellwein-Gingrinch

Another Ring Nebula Pic


Noel Henderson-James and Henry Duwe


M104 - Henderson-James-Duwe

M104, The Sombrero Galaxy

M101 Henderson-James-Duwe

The Spiral M101


Matt McCall and Paul Riedner


GlobularCluster - mcall-riedner 

Globular Cluster


EarthsMoon1 - mccall-riedner

Earth’s Moon


EarthsMoon1 - mccall-riedner

EarthsMoon2 - mccall-riedner

EarthsMoon3 - mccall-riedner

EarthsMoon4 - mccall-riedner

EarthsMoon5- mccall-riedner

EarthsMoon6 - mccall-riedner

EarthsMoon7 - mccall-riedner 

The Moon was nice that night

Who We Are:

The Prof
Joel Weisberg
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The Class:
Wes Bramhall Larua Cleavland
Henry Duwe Gabe Ellwein
John Gingrinch Noel Henderson-James
Amanda Kirchner Matt McCall
Erika Pearson Erica Richardson
Paul Riedner Jennifer Rosenbaum
Michael Stweart
The Lab Assistants
Ryan Hennessy Kristen Portle        John Weiss