Carleton Global Engagement Programs Requirements and Commitments


  1. All students and core staff must have completed the vaccination regimen, including an appropriate booster, for an approved COVID vaccine of their choice. Students must provide proof of vaccination to Carleton and be prepared to provide proof of vaccination to comply with visa and entry requirements of the country(ies) included on the program itinerary.
  2. Students and staff must read, commit to and abide by the Carleton Global Engagement Programs covenant of behavior and practice as the international community emerges from the pandemic.


  1. Create program itineraries and practices that minimize risks to students and staff resulting from the pandemic and other issues of health and well-being
  2. Communicate with students and partner institutions about on-site conditions and preparations, and possible program modifications
  3. Respect and address the policies and concerns of students and partner institutions as issues are discussed and decisions are made
  4. Comply with restrictions and recommendations of the countries in which Carleton’s programs operate
  5. Respect and respond to the policies and concerns of local populations where Carleton’s programs operate

Government Requirements and Restrictions

Information for the Fall 2023 program will be updated in Spring 2023.

Measures to Mitigate COVID-19 Risks


  1. All student and core staff required to be vaccinated for COVID. Students who have a medical exemption for receiving an approved COVID vaccine will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Wearing of masks by students, faculty, and staff in accordance with recommendations of local medical and public health professionals.
  3. Daily monitoring of student and staff health with specific attention to COVID symptoms. Temperature checks are conducted a) during quarantine periods, b) when COVID symptoms are present, and c) on a surveillance basis.
  4. COVID testing kits are available and can be used for surveillance testing or in the case of a local outbreak.

Accommodations, Dining, and Classroom Spaces

  1. Public areas, e.g. dining tables, washing stations, etc. are sanitized at least once daily.
  2. Students are trained in hand washing multiple times per day, as well as sanitizing rooms with Dettol or equivalent.
  3. Students and faculty do not share eating implements, e.g. dishes, cups, utensils.
  4. Students and faculty do not touch common food sources.
  5. Residences: singles and doubles only, while maintaining empty rooms in case of suspected infection in a double room.


  1. Staff will monitor conditions for excursion destinations. Excursions to destinations that represent a greater risk for coronavirus spread will be postponed or canceled.


  1. Students and staff will follow local regulations for travel on public transportation.
  2. Carleton will only contract with transport providers which have documented plan for sanitizing passenger spaces.

COVID-19 Incident Response

All students are covered by Carleton College’s CISI emergency health insurance policy. In advance of the group’s arrival in India, Carleton Off-Campus Studies will work with CISI/AXA to outline practices and recommended facilities for responding to COVID incidents.

In case of program interruption in India, Carleton has contingencies in place to ensure academic continuity and full-credit completion.

Student or Staff Member

  1. A student or staff member presenting COVID symptoms will meet with the program’s Wellness Coordinator and be quarantined in a designated space.
  2. The student will participate in course work remotely as the student’s health permits.
  3. The program staff will communicate with Carleton Off-Campus Studies.
  4. Carleton Off-Campus Studies will notify the student’s home institution. The home institution is responsible for notifying others as per its internal protocols.
  5. A local medical doctor to visit the program facilities on a regular basis. If symptoms require examination at a local clinic or hospital, program staff will contact CISI/AXA for next steps.
  6. Carleton Off-Campus Studies and the program staff will provide updates to the student’s home institution.

 Surrounding Community

  1. Alerts of a surge in COVID cases among the local population will be shared with program staff, students, and the Carleton Off-Campus Studies Office.
  2. Students and staff will quarantine as a group within the program facilities. Course work will continue on-site. Excursions will be postponed or canceled.
  3. Program staff will consult with local health resources about COVID case trends.