Carleton’s Fall 2023 programs

Thanks for your interest in Carleton’s Global Engagement Programs! Dates and prices for Carleton’s Fall 2023 Global Engagement Programs are now on the program web pages. The applications for the Fall 2023 Carleton Global Engagement Programs are open. Sign up on the Connect with Carleton webpage to be added to the Fall 2023 interest list. You’ll receive updates about the program and scholarship applications, online Q&A sessions, and opportunities to meet with the faculty directors, instructors, and program staff.

Applications for Fall 2023 Carleton Global Engagement Programs are due March 15.

We look forward to reviewing your applications!

Carleton champions an interdisciplinary, liberal arts approach to learning with the highest commitment to academic excellence. Our Global Engagement Programs emphasize:

  • Experiential learning
  • Field research projects
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Engagement with local communities
  • Rigorous academic standards

COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols and Practices

An important part of safe operation of the Carleton Global Engagement Programs is our protocols and practices!