Mourning the loss of Jirina Siklova

We are saddened by the loss of Jirina Siklova, who passed away on Saturday, May 22, at the age of 85. The renowned Czech feminist sociologist, former dissident and the founder of the Gender Studies Center in Prague, was a long-time friend of Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe.

Many generations of WGSE students had the fortune to make Jirina’s acquaintance during our program’s annual visit to her flat in Prague. Drinking coffee, eating Jirina’s pancakes, sitting on her sofa and on the carpet, the students listened to Jirina’s stories about her dissident activities, the founding of the Gender Studies Center, her work with Roma groups, and about the experiences of living in her generation across times of dramatic change. Our students were awed and inspired by Jirina’s energy, her unique sense of humor and by her seemingly boundless generosity. We will miss Jirina.

Faculty Director

Iveta Jusová, Director of Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe and Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, Carleton College

Professor Iveta Jusová received her Ph.D. in British literature and Cultural Studies from Miami University, Oxford, OH, in 2000. Her MA in Czech and English is from Palacky University, Olomouc, the Czech Republic. Her first book, The New Woman and the Empire (Ohio State University Press, 2005), explores the intersections of gender, race, and colonial issues in the work of four British New Women writers: Sarah Grand, George Egerton, Elizabeth Robins, and Amy Levy. Her second book, Czech Feminisms: Perspectives on Gender in East Central Europe, co-edited with Jirina Siklová, was awarded the 2017 Heldt Prize for best book in Slavic, Eastern European, and Eurasian women’s and gender studies.

Professor Jusová has also published numerous articles on European women writers, actresses and filmmakers in both US and European academic journals. In June 2015 Jusová was the Lawrence and Lee Visiting Research Scholar at OSU’s Theatre Research Institute; in 2010 she was the Women’s History Month Keynote Speaker at Beacon College; and in 2008 she was an invited participant in a panel discussion on (and with) Julia Kristeva as part of the Dagmar and Václav Havel “Vize” Annual Award Ceremony in Prague. Professor Jusová has taught courses in British and world literatures, global feminisms, feminist and queer theory, and feminist methodology.

The Program Director conducts the orientation session, leads seminars, facilitates discussion, guides the independent research projects, and evaluates students’ work.

Instructor and Assistant Director

Patricia Ekpo received her B.A. in American Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies from Brown University, and her M.A. and M.Phil. in American Studies from Yale University. She was a student on Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe in 2013. Patricia is a current Ph.D. Candidate in American Studies at Yale. She is also completing a certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Yale, and co-organizes Yale’s WGSS Working Group and Colloquium. Patricia’s dissertation examines the role of antiblackness and the aesthetic in the production of modern spatiality. Her research and teaching specializations are modern and contemporary art and film studies with a focus on black studies, gender and sexuality studies, and critical theory. 

Affiliated Faculty

At each program site, students take seminars and attend lectures with NGOs, artists, activists, and professors from affiliated European universities, including Utrecht University (the Netherlands), Humboldt University (Germany), Charles University (the Czech Republic), and Jagiellonian University (Poland).

On-site Staff

For additional logistical, cross-cultural, and academic support at each program site, the WGSE program has a Resident Coordinator in each program site, who is usually a local resident working in the field of Women’s and Gender Studies.

On-Site Staff in Utrecht

Resident Coordinators:

  • Eva Midden, Ph.D, Gender Studies, Utrecht University

On-site Assistants:

  • Kalib Batta

On-Site Staff in Berlin

Resident and Homestay Coordinators:

  • Ipek Ipekcioglu, Dipl. Soz.Päd, GLADT foundation
  • Anke Brucker, Dipl. Soz.Päd

Humboldt University Coordinator:

  • Kathrin Tordasi, Ph.D., English and American Studies & Transdisciplinary Gender Studies, Humboldt University

On-Site Staff in Krakow

Resident Coordinator:

  • Beata Kozak, MA, EfKA foundation

On-Site Staff in Prague

Resident Coordinator:

  • Gender Studies Center staff

Homestay Coordinator:

  • Mgr. Beatrice Landovska

On-site Assistant:

Additionally, when needed, a Program Assistant — typically a WGSE program alumnus/a — provides additional support throughout the semester abroad.