Independent Research Project: “Affective Engagements in Online Spaces: A Case Study of U.S., Dutch, and German Feminist-of-Color Collectives.”

WGSE Alumni, Patricia Ekpo
Patricia Ekpo, WGSE Student in 2013

Patricia graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in American Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies. Currently, she is a Ph.D. candidate in American Studies at Yale University. Her research focuses on the afterlives of chattel slavery and racial capitalism in black contemporary art, film, and aesthetics. Her dissertation is entitled “Anti/blackness as Spatial Production” and focuses on the ways that modern production and conceptions of space are founded on a fundamental antiblackness, with a particular focus on aesthetic representations of landscape, wilderness, and urban/desert divides. Patricia’s research and experience in the WGSE program enabled her to explore the ways that European women of color build online spaces for collectivity, sociality, and activism. This translated directly to a focus on wider understandings of spatial production in her Ph.D. research. WGSE enabled her to pursue sustained research in a global field, deepening her commitment to academic research on marginalized populations and experiences.