Independent Research Project: “A Zine About Zines: Feminist, Anarcho-feminist and Queer Zines across Europe.”

WGSE Alumni, Nadia Spock
Nadia Spock; WGSE Student in 2016, WGSE Teaching Assistant in 2017 and 2019

Nadia graduated from Knox College with a B.A. in Gender and Women’s Studies and Journalism. Immediately after her graduation, she was offered a job as the Teaching Assistant on the Fall 2017 WGSE program. She came back as the WGSE program Teaching Assistant and Resident Advisor in fall 2019. As the WGSE program TA/RA, Nadia assisted Iveta with program logistics and teaching, worked to develop constructive and positive intra-group dynamics, and assisted students with assignments and research projects. Since graduating, Nadia has also worked in several kitchens and as her grandmother’s primary caregiver. Currently, Nadia is the Digital Assistant at Vote Yes for Fairness, a nonprofit ballot initiative committee dedicated to making Illinois’ tax system more equitable. Nadia is especially passionate about voting rights and reform, accessible civic engagement initiatives, and independent media making. She is presently looking for a graduate program that would be the perfect fit for her interests and passions.