Independent Research Project: “Self-Care as a Home for Joy, an Escape from Pain, and a Tool for Liberation: the Manifestations and Meanings of Self-Care for Black Women Living in Europe.”

WGSE Alumni, Maya Kassahun
Maya Kassahun, WGSE Student in 2017

Maya graduated from Carleton College with a B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology and a double minor in Africana Studies and Women’s & Gender Studies. In 2017, right after attending the WGSE program, she and three other friends received “The Four Friends Fellowship” from Carleton and conducted a research project that examined the intersections between the food/restaurant industry and women’s historic and present-day roles within this industry. For her senior thesis, Maya researched the transmission of belonging between immigrant mothers and their non-immigrant daughters. Maya’s research in college precipitated her interests in the gendered experiences of food, the relationships between mothers and daughters, and of immigrant identities in the U.S. Currently, Maya interns for an Ethiopian professional network doing design and diaspora engagement work. She is looking forward to what’s next in her quest to marry all her interests together!