Independent Research Project: “Advertising in Europe.”

WGSE Alumni, Maddy Magnuson
Maddy Magnuson, WGSE Student in 2010

Maddy graduated from College of the Atlantic with a B.A. in Human Ecology and from the University of Southern Maine with an M.S. in Adult Education. Currently, they work as a Prevention Coordinator/Trainer at Maine Family Planning, supporting school-based educators and community organizations in implementing comprehensive sex education for youth in the state of Maine. Maddy is the former Director of LGBTQ+ and Harm Reduction Services at the Health Equity Alliance, where they organized Maine’s annual LGBTQ+ Healthcare Conference and Harm Reduction Conference, and oversaw syringe exchange programs and HIV/HCV testing for Northern and Downeast Maine. They started their career interning at the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health and then worked for three years as a domestic violence and sexual assault advocate. Maddy believes in the transformative power of dialogue and the importance of discussing challenging topics with compassionate curiosity. When they are not working, Maddy enjoys sourdough baking and hiking with their dog across Maine’s state parks.