Independent Research Project:

WGSE Alumni, Ezra Stone
Ezra Stone, WGSE Student in 2007

Ezra graduated from Rollins University with a B.A. in Anthropology and Women’s Studies in 2009. They went on to earn their FA from Goddard College (2011) and MSW from Florida State University (2017). Ezra first worked for a domestic violence agency, and currently, they work as a therapist for a community mental health agency. Ezra is the author of Domestication Handbook (Rogue Factorial, 2012), self/help/work/book Birds of Lace (2014), and That Which Girls Conjure Will Help Them Survive (Guillotine 2018). They also write and edit for Mutha Magazine and send out an occasional newsletter about writing and coping skills called ‘love letters 4 psychic survival’ (which they started after the 2016 election).