Independent Research Project: “European Women with Chronic Illness: Live and Treatment.”

WGSE Alumni, Briana O'Higgins
Briana O’Higgins, WGSE Student in 2004

Briana graduated from Antioch College with a B.A. in Self, Society and Culture (emphasis on Anthropology). While still at Antioch, Briana worked at WYSO for her co-op and she still works in public radio today. She went on to get an M.A. degree in Documentary Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz and has worked at a number of NPR stations across the country. She currently works as the Director of Audience Development at KCUR in Kansas City, Mo. Briana talks about her experiences on the WGSE program often because “the experiences are so unique.” As she says, “even today people are blown away at the opportunities we had, such as speaking with the women’s collective in the Red Light District in Amsterdam and going to secret gay nightclubs in Poland. The other memorable thing is the relationships we developed with others we met and the relationships we formed on the trip out of circumstance. You go through an intense time traveling with people you previously didn’t know or select yourself, so you have no choice but to accept those people and learn about them and work with them. A good life lesson for sure!”