Lynn Liu (2018)

IRP title: “The Lived Experiences of Migrant Sex Workers and Sex Work-Related Laws in the Netherlands, Germany, and the Czech Republic.”
WGSE Alumni, Lynn Liu

Josie Naron (2017)

IRP title: “Squatting a Space, Curating an Archive: Comparing European Female Squatters’ Lived Experiences and Archival Practices.”
WGSE Alumni, Josie Naron

Shilin Ma (2017)

IRP title: “Second Generation Socialist Daughter, First Generation Capitalist Mother?: Cross-Cultural Analysis of Women’s Views of Career and Motherhood in Post-socialist Countries.”
WGSE Alumni, Shilin Ma

Maya Kassahun (2017)

IRP title: “Self-Care as a Home for Joy, an Escape from Pain, and a Tool for Liberation: the Manifestations and Meanings of Self-Care for Black Women Living in Europe.”
WGSE Alumni, Maya Kassahun

Nadia Spock (2016)

IRP title: “A Zine About Zines: Feminist, Anarcho-feminist and Queer Zines across Europe.”
WGSE Alumni, Nadia Spock

Christina Lang (2016)

IRP title: “LGBT Muslims: Queerness, Community, and NGOs.”
WGSE Alumni, Christina Lang

Heather Smith (2015)

IRP title: “Parental Leave Policies: the Wellbeing and Employability Effects on Parents in the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland.”
WGSE Alumni, Heather Smith

Emmi Hodess (2015)

IRP title: “The Biopolitics and Bioethics of Reproductive and Reprogenetic Technologies.”
WGSE Alumni, Emmi Hodess

Patricia Ekpo (2013)

IRP title: “Affective Engagements in Online Spaces: A Case Study of U.S., Dutch, and German Feminist-of-Color Collectives.”
WGSE Alumni, Patricia Ekpo

Kelsey Henry (2013)

IRP title: “Going and Growing Home: The Postponed Homecomings of Mixed-Race American, Afro-German, and Dutch Indonesian Women.”
WGSE Alumni, Kelsey Henry

Valentina Muraleedharan (2013)

IRP title: “Religion and Feminism in Coherence.” Read Valentina’s bio…
WGSE Alumni, Valentina Muraleedharan

Mayra Tenorio (2013)

IRP title: “‘I Don’t Want to Be a Man. I Want to Be Just Me’: Discursive Practices of Real Men.”
WGSE Alumni, Mayra Tenorio

Matthew Jamison (2012)

IRP title: “‘There’s No Business Like Show Business’: Male Sex Workers Performing Power and Control.”
WGSE Alumni, Matthew Jamison

Robin Wonsley Worlobah (2011)

IRP title: “White Guilt and Whiteness: Ghost from a Colonial Past.”
WGSE Alumni, Robin Wonsley

Maddox Cory (2011)

IRP title: “A Sexualized Existence: Women’s Bodies and the Emergence of Capitalism in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland.”
WGSE Alumni, Maddox Cory

Saima Toppa (2011)

IRP title: “Female Bodies in the European Muslim Migrant Community.”
WGSE Alumni, Saima Toppa

Kristen Ferguson (2010)

IRP title: “Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder? A Cross-Cultural Study of the Consequences of Beauty Ideals.”
WGSE Alumni, Kristen Ferguson

Maddy Magnuson (2010)

IRP title: “Advertising in Europe.”
WGSE Alumni, Maddy Magnuson

Lincoln Alpern (2010)

IRP title: “Gendered Attitudes Towards Housework in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands.”
WGSE Alumni, Lincoln Alpern

Whitney Stark (2009)

IRP title “The Politics of the Glass Case.”
WGSE Alumni, Whitney Stark

Ezra Stone (2007)

WGSE Alumni, Ezra Stone

Emily Aaron (2005)

IRP title: “Abortion Services Availability for non-Resident Women Across Europe.”
WGSE Alumni, Emily Aaron

Briana O’Higgins (2004)

IRP title: “European Women with Chronic Illness: Live and Treatment.”
WGSE Alumni, Briana O'Higgins