Looking ahead to Fall 2022

Carleton’s Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe is operating in Sweden for Fall 2021. Carleton expects the program to return to a multi-country itinerary in Fall 2022, including the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Students and faculty sitting together on the stair and posing for a photo

Delve into practical and theoretical aspects of feminist and queer theory in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

Are you curious about how gender and race/ethnicity are experienced and understood in Western and East Central Europe in comparison to the US? Are you ready to explore the challenges and insights of the latest feminist and queer theories cross-culturally? Have you wondered what you can do to effectively contest patriarchy, homophobia, and racism and transform the world for the better?

Since 1984, Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe has offered students a unique opportunity to explore feminist and queer theory in practice across Western and East Central Europe. Interaction with academics, politicians, activists, and homestay hosts encourages comparative approaches to independent research projects. Carleton expects the Fall 2022 travel itinerary to include Utrecht, Berlin, Krakow, and Prague.

Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe is a great fit for:
  • Students who love to travel, and will look forward to relocating every three to four weeks
  • Students who are motivated to examine gender, race, queer and other identity issues in an international context
  • Students who are excited about carrying out an independent research project in Europe as part of their study abroad experience