The capstone of the Tanzania program is an independent study project completed by students on a topic of their choice ranging from public health issues to wildlife studies. The first few weeks of the program will introduce students to the methods of site-based inquiry and allow students to develop their project proposal. Students will then spend the next several weeks collecting data in small groups with other students in the field. At the end of the program, students will analyze their data, compile a final report, and present their findings to their classmates and the local community.

Examples of past independent study projects include:

  • Friends or Foes: An Exploration of the Relationship Between the Maasai, the Tanzanian Government, and Tarangire National Park
  • “Why Do You Think There Is Only One God?”: A Study of Traditional Maasai Believers and Christian Maasai Living Near Tarangire National Park
  • Pregnancy Practices of the Maasai
  • Crafts Commoditization and Cooperatives:  How Women near Tarangire National Park, Tanzania Have Empowered Themselves Selling Crafts
  • An Examination of the Events Following a Road Traffic Accident: Care Provided by Drivers and Community Members in Olasiti and Minjingu
  • Cell Phone Use in Olasiti Village: Gender and Generational Disparities
  • Common Thematic Elements and Patterns in Maasai Oral Stories and the Judeo-Christian Bible
  • Listen to Us: Maasai Perspective on Hip-hop as a Means of Sharing Language