Welcome to the MS-TCDC Campus!

The home base for Ecology and Anthropology in Tanzania is the MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation (MS-TCDC). MS-TCDC is located in Usa River, ca. 20 kilometers east of Arusha and 32 kilometers west of Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). MS-TCDC was established in 1967, one of the results of a bilateral agreement between Denmark and Tanzania. MS-TCDC is a Pan-African learning center, hosting short courses and training programs on a variety of topics, and is recognized as a premier institution for Swahili language and culture instruction.

Students outside of MS TCDC building
Students and staff at the MS TCDC campus
Staff in the MS TCDC administrative unit at their desks with welcoming smiles
Swahili instructures
Swahili language and culture instructors and staff

Campus Spaces

The first five weeks of the program will be spent in and around Usa and Arusha. Throughout this time, the MS-TCDC campus will be the center of program activity. Classrooms, library and study spaces, cafeteria, and housing cottages are conveniently located in a verdant landscape of trees and lawn. Covered meeting spaces offer opportunities for outdoor classes and group meetings during warm weather. The snack bar and sand volleyball court are great places to relax after class. Students who like to run or walk can take advantage of the walking path that encompasses the campus just inside the compound.

Students will live in cottages of three to four students. Most of the rooms are doubles, with a closet, desk, and a chair for each student. Bathroom facilities are shared among the students in the cottage.

Swahili Language Instructors

Dr. Joachim Kisanji introduces himself and some of the program perks at MS-TCDC in Swahili and English
Dennis Minja introduces himself and the Serengeti Cheetah Project
Edward Nnko introduces himself and the Swahili class in Swahili and English