Kayla Winslow and Alyssa Petersel (2011)

31 August 2020

Founder of MyWellbeing

Kayla and Alyssa
BSIN Students in 2011

Kayla Winslow and Alyssa Petersel met in Bodh Gaya in 2011 during what they would describe as a transformative experience. Both women fell for the local Indian community and laid the foundation for a lifelong friendship full of compassion and strength. In 2018, Kayla moved from Vermont to New York, where she and Alyssa reconnected and Alyssa hired Kayla to work as hire #2 at her young startup, MyWellbeing. Together, Kayla and Alyssa are a force for emotional wellbeing, matching people to the right therapist for them and bringing stronger mental health resources to the masses. 

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