Program Tuition Fees – Fall 2024

Visit individual program pages for program dates, cost breakdowns and program fee inclusions.

Fall 2024Total Program Cost
Buddhist Studies in Bodh Gaya, India$25,525
Ecology & Anthropology in Tanzania$24,452
Women's & Gender Studies in Europe $26,160

Payment Timeline – Fall 2024 Programs

Fall 2024AmountDue Date
Deposit $500* April 26
Remaining Balance
Buddhist Studies in Bodh Gaya, India$25,025July 15
Ecology and Anthropology in Tanzania$23,952July 15
Women's & Gender Studies in Europe$25,660July 15

*Initial deposits should be made using a credit/debit card on the Carleton Global Engagement deposit payment page. Subsequent payments will be made through the Carleton College Business Office.

Withdrawal and Cancellation Policies for Fall 2024

Refund Policy for Fall 2024

A student must submit their request to withdraw in writing via email or postal mail to the Carleton Global Engagement Programs office and the Program Director. The student’s date of withdrawal is considered to be the date when the Carleton Global Engagement Programs office or Program Director receives the request to withdraw.

If the student withdraws from the program after acceptance has been confirmed and payments have been made, Carleton will follow the schedule below to determine the forfeited amount. The student or home institution will be held accountable for any amount forfeited, even if those funds have not yet been forwarded to Carleton College. Carleton will issue any refund for which the student is eligible to the person or institution which made the original payment to Carleton. Students are not eligible to receive reimbursement from Carleton for costs associated with participation in the Global Engagement Programs paid to companies or government entities other than Carleton, e.g., airline tickets, passport and visa fees, medical appointments and vaccinations.

It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with their home institution about the academic and financial consequences of withdrawing from a Carleton Global Engagement Program. Carleton Off-Campus Studies will inform the student’s home institution of their withdrawal after the withdrawal request has been made. Carleton College does not award partial academic credit. Students who withdraw before completing course requirements are not eligible to earn academic credit from Carleton, and will have DRP’s (drops) recorded for the courses they are enrolled in at the time of the withdrawal.

The schedule of forfeited amounts is the same for non-medical and medical withdrawals. A medical withdrawal requires documentation in support of the grounds for withdrawal from an appropriate health professional, e.g., medical doctor, nurse practitioner, psychologist, mental health counselor.

Date of Withdrawal
(Medical & Non-medical)
Student or Home Institution Forfeits…
After confirmation of acceptance and payment of deposit (Friday, April 26, 2024, deadline)$500 deposit
Within 30 days prior to on-site program start date25% of tuition and 100% of program fees
From on-site program start date to Day 14 of the program 50% of tuition and 100% of program fees
Any time after Day 14 of the program100% of tuition and 100% of program fees
Student suspension or dismissal from the program100% of tuition and 100% of program fees

Refund Policy for Fall 2024 Program Cancellation

In case of program cancellation by Carleton College before the on-site start date, all fees paid to Carleton College will be refunded. If the program must be cancelled after it has begun but before its conclusion, a partial refund may be given. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis, accounting for such factors as the amount of time spent on site, transportation used, and the number of credits that the students remain eligible to earn. Minor alterations in the program will not result in refunds.