Program Application Instructions

  1. Visit the following application pages to start your program application.
  2. On the User Login page, log in under the appropriate group: Carleton User ID or Non-Carleton User. Carleton College students will use their Carleton username and password to log in. First-time non-Carleton College users must create an account before logging in to open an application.
  3. You must use your college/university email address rather a personal email when you create your account. This helps Carleton College identify you as a legitimate student applicant.
  4. Follow the instructions within the application portal to complete each of the items in your application checklist.
  5. You do not need to complete your application in one sitting. You should, however, save your application regularly. Your application will time out after 60 minutes and any unsaved parts of the application may be lost. Return to an existing application.

Scholarship Application Instructions (Global Engagement Scholarship)

  1. Complete the program application for one of the Carleton Global Engagement Programs.
  2. Have a pdf of the two following documents available to upload.
    • Your 2024-25 Student Aid Report (SAR), if applicable. This is a document you are provided after submitting the FAFSA. (Not required if you have never submitted the FAFSA, e.g., international students).
    • Your 2024-25 financial aid award letter from your home institution.
  3. Visit the following application page to start your scholarship application.
  4. Use the same username and password that you use to log in to your program application.
  5. Indicate the program to which you have applied, and upload the two pdfs in Step 2.
  6. Submit your completed scholarship application by March 15.

Program Application Requirements

Goals Statement

Your goals statement should be submitted in essay format. It is recommended that you write and save your statement in a separate file before you copy it to the application.

Academic Transcript

You will upload a pdf of your current academic transcript from your home institution. An unofficial transcript is sufficient, but it must be current at the time of application.

The minimum cumulative GPA required for a Carleton Global Engagement Program is 3.0.

Carleton is aware that, for a variety of reasons, a student’s GPA may not meet the 3.0 requirement. Students with a GPA between 2.8 and 3.0 are invited to apply to the program with the understanding that a conversation with the faculty director will be required before an admission decision is made.

Home Institution Approval

You will download the Home Institution Approval form from the application portal. When your Study Abroad Adviser or Home School Representative has completed the form, you will upload a pdf of it.


Two recommendations are required. One of the recommendations must be from a faculty member who can address your academic preparedness for the program. You will need contact information (email address, phone number) for your recommenders. Your recommenders will complete your recommendation online. A letter of recommendation is not required.

Passport Information

You do not need to have a passport at the time you submit your application, but you will be asked to respond to questions about the status of your passport. Do you have a passport? Country of issue? Expiration Date?

Parent/Guardian Information

You will need contact information for your parent(s)/guardian(s). You will be asked to identify the parent/guardian to be contacted in case of an emergency and the parent/guardian who is financially responsible for your participation in the program.


Buddhist Studies in India

Courses in one or more of the following:

  • Buddhism (philosophy, history)
  • World Religions
  • Eastern Philosophy
  • South Asian Studies – history, anthropology

Ecology and Anthropology in Tanzania

Courses in one or more of the following:

  • Ecology
  • Environmental Studies/Science
  • Biology
  • Anthropology
  • Sociology

Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe

Courses in one or more of the following:

  • Any Women’s and Gender Studies course
  • Anthropology/sociology/psychology with a focus on gender
  • Literature or history with a focus on Women’s Studies/Gender Studies

Application Tips

  • Start your application early so you have time to submit a quality application. Carleton Off-Campus Studies begins reviewing completed applications in mid-February, and rolling admission begins shortly thereafter.
  • Identify your two recommenders early in the process and inform them of the deadline. This makes it possible for recommenders to complete your recommendation when is convenient for them while adhering to the application deadline.
  • Write and review your responses to the short narrative questions offline. When you are satisfied with your responses, copy them into the program application.
  • The maximum length of responses is indicated on each application question. Your responses do not need to be lengthy, but they should be well written.

Timeline for Program and Scholarship Applications

November 17 – Program application portal opens
We encourage you to start your application for our Fall 2022 programs early in the process. This will give you a sense for the various components of the application and the amount of time necessary to complete it.

January 5 – Carleton Global Engagement Scholarship application portal opens
The Carleton Global Engagement Scholarship is need-based, and aims to support broader access to study abroad opportunities through Carleton College. In order for the scholarship application to be reviewed, the applicant must have completed a Carleton Global Engagement program application by the March 15 application deadline. Scholarship awards range from $1000 to $3000.

See information about external study abroad scholarships (scholarships administered by organizations other than Carleton College).

February 15 – Review of completed program applications begins
Admission decisions for Fall Global Engagement Programs are made on a rollig basis. Beginning on February 15, applicants will be informed of their application status within two weeks of submitting a completed application.

March 15 (extended to March 31, 2024) – Completed program and scholarship applications due
The deadline for program application has been extended to Sunday, March 31. The deadline for the Global Engagement Scholarship continues to be Friday, March 15. Applications must be complete by 11:59 PM Central Standard Time on the respective deadline date. Applicants will not be able to edit or complete an application that is in progress without first contacting Global Engagement Programs Office afer March . Recommenders are able to submit recommendations after March 31, however the status of an application remains incomplete until the both recommendations are received.

April 12 – Scholarship applicants are notified
Students who applied for a Carleton Global Engagement Program Scholarship are notified of the status of their scholarship application. Students who are awarded a scholarship are notified of the scholarship amount.

April 26 – Accepted students decision and deposit deadline
Students who have been accepted for a Fall Global Engagement program must decide whether to commit to participation or decline the spot they have been offered. The student commitment process consists of two parts: 1) changing your application status in TDS to “committed,” and 2) indicating how the $500 deposit will be paid.

Accepted students are encouraged to make their commitment to participation as soon they are confident about their decision. All students must complete the Deposit Payment form, selecting either: 1) I am responsible for the $500 program deposit, and making payment by credit card; or 2) my home institution covers the $500 deposit.