How can I make my 50th reunion gift? What type of gift is right for me?

  • Carleton welcomes many kinds of 50th reunion gifts, including outright gifts such as cash or stock and philanthropic arrangements including will provisions (bequests), life-income gifts (such as charitable remainder trusts and annuities), and other commitments. 

What counts in the special 50th reunion gift?

  • All non-Annual Fund gifts (restricted gifts, planned gifts, bequest commitments, etc.) made during a 10-year period, beginning July 1 following the 40th reunion and leading up to the 50th reunion celebration, count for the 50th reunion gift.
  • Documented non-contingent will or trust provisions–and retirement plan commitments–from alumni in the 50th reunion process are counted at face value. Some bequests and trust provisions provide that Carleton will receive a certain percentage of the estate or retirement plan. In these instances, a good-faith estimate from the donor of the current value of the college’s share is used to determine the gift value.
  • Irrevocable life-income gifts such as charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities (where the donor receives payments for life) count at full face value. Other planned gift arrangements will be valued at the current dollar amount of the college’s interest.
  • Household commitments from alumni spouses in different classes may be counted at full face value in both classes’ 50th reunion gift totals.

What about the Alumni Annual Fund?

  • During a six-year window, starting with the 45th reunion year and leading up to the 50th reunion celebration, Alumni Annual Fund contributions will be aggregated and reported as a component of the 50th reunion class grand total.

Other important things to keep in mind:

  • Generally, most of a class’s 50th reunion fund will be made up of estate provisions and other planned gifts that will come to the college in the future. A smaller portion will be made up of outright gifts that are available to Carleton right away. Both future gifts and outright contributions may be applied to a purpose as determined by the donor and the college, or gifts may be made without restrictions.
  • The purpose of the outright portion of the gift that is unrestricted will be determined by the gift committee at the last meeting before the reunion. The gift may be designated to support students, faculty, a “bricks and mortar” project, or a combination of purposes.
  • During planning for the 50th reunion, classmates are asked to continue their support of the Alumni Annual Fund and also to make a special gift to the 50th reunion fund to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime milestone celebration.

50th Reunion goals

While the 50th reunion gift is an important expression of the class’s appreciation for Carleton, the overall goals for the 50th also include:

  • achieving robust attendance of alumni and spouses at Reunion weekend.
  • ensuring that alumni and spouses have a spectacular time at Reunion.
  • creating a class gift that reflects the enthusiasm and warmth that the 50th reunion class has for Carleton.