Annual Giving

Annual gifts impact almost every aspect of day-to-day life at Carleton, sustaining the quality of our academic programs, supporting our faculty, and ensuring adequate financial aid for all students.

Leighton Hall

Capital & Endowed Gifts

Capital gifts create a legacy of ongoing support for Carleton. They provide for the construction and renovation of buildings and fund endowments for students and academic needs.

Biology Lab

Planned Gifts

These creative tools help you maximize your assets, make larger gifts than you may otherwise have thought possible, and ensure a strong future for Carleton.

Reunion Parade of Classes

Reunion Gifts

Each year classes celebrating a reunion give their annual class gift to the college in honor of these important milestones.


Senior Gift

The Senior Gift is an opportunity for the graduating class to join in Carleton’s oldest tradition.

Evans Bridge

Memorial & Honorary Gifts

Individually or with a group, you can commemorate the life of a special person through a gift to Carleton in their honor or memory.