Thank You! to the 14,629 alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends who gave $26,317,634 to Carleton in 2015-2016.

By the Numbers

  • Total Gifts: $26,317,634
  • Annual Fund: 11,529 donors, 45 percent participation
  • Volunteers: 2,934 volunteers

Annual Giving Highlights

The Alumni Annual Fund raised $8,168,353 for Carleton, which represents contributions from 11,529, or 45 percent, of alumni.

With contributions from the Parents and Friends funds, total annual giving reached $9,005,921 in fiscal year 2016. Additionally, Carleton trustees contributed $1,515,269 to the Annual Fund. And none of these superb results would have been possible without the more than 650 alumni volunteers who reached out on behalf of the Annual Fund.

This year, Carleton introduced the Three Oaks Society to recognize the impact alumni donors have on keeping the college strong and flourishing. All who support the Annual Fund with a gift of $2,500 or more in a given fiscal year will now be recognized as members of the Three Oaks Society. Young alumni will be recognized for gifts of $500 or more in the first four years after graduation and for $1,000 or more in the subsequent five years.

Reunion Giving Highlights

Reunion classes from 1941 to 2011 raised $2,652,974 in gifts for the 2016 Alumni Annual Fund, and 45 percent of alumni contributed to the AAF this fiscal year. Over Reunion weekend, a record 2,720 alumni, family, and friends celebrated together.

Class Records to Celebrate:

  • The Class of 1991 raised the largest single-year cash gift from a 25th Reunion class since 1987 and raised a total 25th Reunion gift of $2.68 million from 58% of the class.
  • The Class of 1991 also broke the 25th Reunion attendance record (set in 1992) with 42 percent of class members attending.
  • The Class of 1961 set a new 55th Reunion giving participation record of 96 percent.
  • The Class of 2011 set a record for 5th Reunion attendance as well as a new all-class, all-time attendance record with more than 54 percent of class members joining the celebration.

50th Reunion

The Class of 1966 celebrated its 50th reunion by giving more than $25 million and now has 73 Heywood Society members. Seventy-six percent of class members made gifts this year. 

25th Reunion

The Class of 1991 celebrated several record-breaking moments this year, including more than $850,000 for this fiscal year, more than $2.5 million overall, and Reunion attendance of more than 40 percent.