Thank You! to the 16,037 alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends who gave $31,809,848 to Carleton in 2014-2015.

By the Numbers

  • Total Gifts: $31,809,848
  • Annual Fund: 12,204 donors, 48 percent participation
  • Volunteers: 2,501 volunteers

Annual Giving Highlights

The Alumni Annual Fund raised $7,942,732 for Carleton, including matching gifts from alumni—a new record for the fund! This represents contributions from 12,204, or 48 percent, of alumni.

Total annual giving reached $8,763,190, including gifts and matching contributions for the Parents and Friends Funds. One hundred percent of currently serving Carleton trustees contributed to the Annual Fund, and, including trustee emeriti, contributed $1,256,162. Key to these efforts: more than 500 alumni and parent volunteers who reached out on behalf of the Annual Fund.

Reunion Giving Highlights

Reunion classes from 1940 to 2010 raised $2,504,182 in gifts for the 2015 Alumni Annual Fund with 49 percent participation on average. We welcomed 1,326 alumni and 1,199 family and friends for the weekend.

Class Records to Celebrate:

  • Thanks in part to a wonderful challenge gift, the Class of 1950 broke two 65th-reunion records: participation (56 percent), and gift amount ($83,162).
  • The Class of 1955 was also led by a donor’s challenge gift to set a new class reunion record with a class gift of $254,315.
  • The Class of 2006 increased their participation rate by 21 donors over last year and had the single largest number of donors with 285 classmates participating.

50th Reunion

The Class of 1965 celebrated their 50th reunion and their lifelong commitment to the College with a total gift of $13.6 million, 77 percent participation, and 53 Joseph Lee Heywood Society Members.

25th Reunion

The Class of 1990 made a class-record $819,993 gift to Carleton for their 25th reunion. Sixty-two percent of the class contributed to the gift, which included $194,126 for this year’s Alumni Annual Fund.