Vicki Rupp ’66

20 September 2023

Vicki Rupp ’66 wants to encourage students to be citizens of the world.

Vicki Rupp ’66
Vicki Rupp ’66

Sometimes, you have to leave a place like Carleton to appreciate it fully. At least that’s how it was for Vicki Rupp ’66, who left Carleton to attend the University of Minnesota. “For many years now I’ve felt that was a poor decision,” she says.

Although she attended occasional reunions and contributed to the annual fund, Vicki really reconnected with Carleton in 2000, through an Alumni Adventures trip to China. She later served on the planning committee for the travel program. That service (and nearly 10 more alumni trips) have restored her Carleton experience, Vicki says. “What has meant more than anything to me is the bond between Carls from classes spanning decades. I always come home with more friends than I had when I left.”

Vicki, who lives in Kentfield, California, has generously included a bequest for Carleton in her will. She also has endowed a scholarship for students with demonstrated financial need, and her bequest will be added to that scholarship.

Vicki traveled frequently for her job as the vice president for global procurement for the Americas at American Express, so travel was the perfect way for her to reconnect with Carleton.

“My education has been very valuable to me,” Vicki says, “and I believe that a liberal arts education is important for people who will be citizens of the world.”