Sarah ’65 and Douglas ’63 Jones

20 September 2023

For Sarah Jones ’65 and Douglas Jones ’63, giving is a tradition they started early and repeated often.

Sarah and Doug Jones

The couple met at Carleton — “in the Arb, at a football game in a little field,” Sarah recalls fondly — and married in 1965. Their dedication to giving was shaped early in their marriage, when the young couple agreed on three organizations they wanted to support indefinitely: Colonial Church, United Way Twin Cities, and Carleton College.

They haven’t missed a year since.

At Doug’s 50th reunion, the couple made an additional commitment to their alma mater: designating Carleton as a beneficiary on their IRAs.

“We made this choice because of its simplicity,” Sarah says. “We did not need to revise our wills or trusts; we only needed to create and fund this IRA and fill out a new beneficiary form. This method effectively avoids income taxes on this money, and the proceeds reduce our taxable estate when paid to charitable entities.”

“In the future, it can be changed easily if our circumstances change. So we felt this is a win-win for all involved — a simple but effective planning solution.”

The Joneses hope their gift will help keep Carleton affordable to diverse students from all backgrounds.

Douglas Jones passed away in 2018.